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(Frequently Asked Questions)

1] What is eNutile ?

eNutile is an application that periodically sends information about your eMule sessions to a specified email address.

2] What does "eNutile" mean ?

eNutile is in fact the word "Inutile" in french. It means "Useless" :-)

3] "Fichier introuvable"

Don't forget to activate Online Signature in eMule's Options... Or update eNutile to the last version

4] I want to make a translation of eNutile

Download a language file, translate it and send it to

5] Who are you ?

I'm 21 years old, i live in France and i'm with unemployment. First I work on eNutile alone, but now it's open source, i create the eNutile Team...

6] How can i help you ?

You can help me with translations, Beta-test and supporting e-mail BUT if you like eNutile, You can make me a donation.

7] Why eNutile is Open Source ?

Because Open Source is the best solution to progress in the develloppment of eNutile

8] I receive blanks mails

Be sure to select TEXT if your mail client support only Plain-Text Mode

9] I use an AOL email and it doesn't work...

AOL blocks email from a connection AOL to an email AOL. So if you want to use eNutile with an AOL adress, change your ISP. Or if you want to keep AOL, use eNutile with another adress like yahoo mail. (AOL: "We do not relay (spam)")

10] Why Stats in subject are not similar to stats in email ?

eNutile store failed email in a directory and send it in the next session. The subject is the actual download/upload numbers.

11] How could i extract the .rar archive ?

Use Winrar or similar program to extract .rar files.

More questions will be added...

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